Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ty's 1st Tball Game and a Character Lesson

Ty is loving tball and we are loving watching him, but something happened last night that we were much prouder of than any baseball moment, I'm going to let Jeff tell you in his own words:

Although we are very proud of Ty for being such a great t-ball player, last night I witnessed something at his t-ball game that brought tears to my eyes.

Before the game our very intense coach had all the players fielding ground balls. After they each took a turn, the boys would stand against the fence. Ty chose to stand against the fence up a hill a little bit farther away from the rest of the team.

Evan joined Ty on the hill. Now, Evan is the youngest boy on the team and is the typical picture of what you would think of a 3 year old t-ball player. A few games ago, we looked up and noticed that while all of our players were ready to field the ball in the infield, Evan was without his glove wandering around the outfield fence. He just enjoys life so much, he is always smiling, even while running around the bases.

Up on this hill, Evan was having a good time running up and down the hill as Ty just stood there and watched. Parker was also on the hill. Parker is one of the older kids on the team and thought it would be fun to push Evan down the hill. He pushed him once and Evan fell down and looked at Parker with a sad face. The smiling face had now turned to sadness, but he was content to just stand up and keep playing on the hill.

I noticed Ty watching this whole scenario.

Then it happened. Something that brought out the tears. Our little boy did the 'manliest' thing he has ever done in his life.

He approached Evan. I really thought at this moment that Parker was now going to push Ty down the hill, too. As Parker approached Evan to push him another time, our little man stood in between Evan and Parker and said,"Stop pushing him." Parker immediately walked away. Ty looked at me and I holding back the tears, mouthed "Great job."

Ty went on getting ready for his game and tears just streamed down my face. Our little man had taken up for one who could not take up for himself in that moment.

Even though Ty had two huge hits that went into the outfield and past all of the other team's players and did a great job fielding the ball, our favorite time of the night was when he chose to take up for Evan. We later told Ty how proud we were that he did that.

These pics are from his 1st game, last night was his 3rd.

Ty taking his turn at bat.

Ty wating on 1st base.

Another turn at bat.

Ty getting "baseball ready" for the ball to come to him after the batter hits it.

Emma--my 7 year old

In all of the pictures of Emma's birthday and telling you about all of the fun we had, I never got to share what our beautiful big girl is becoming. She is becoming a loving and giving young girl. She is becoming more beautiful in her character every day. Her teacher told me the other day how different Emma was from some of the others. She said that Emma could sense when others in their class were hurting or upset and would go and minister to them. I was so proud, when I heard Mrs. Nance say that, knowing that God is changing our precious little girl's heart towards Him and who He is more and more. On another occasion, while we were in the car, Emma asked me if she could give some of her money to God and the rest to our Vancouver church---this coming from a little girl who last year it was VERY hard for her to think about tithing. I am loving watching her grow and mature. She is creative and always making up scenarios for us to play out. She is very motherly and loves to help take care of babies. She is a leader at times, and then at times backs down and lets a more dominant child lead. She is a rule follower and wants to please her authority most of the time. She is a treasure and a jewel. So beautiful inside and out and I am grateful to God that He gave us Emma and is allowing us to pour His love into her.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well it has taken me FOREVER to get some posts up, but here is Easter in all it's glory:). The whole weekend was great b/c we had so much family here. My sister and her husband, and three kids were here, my mom and dad, and Jeff's dad. We had a blast! We went to Southaven's Egg hunt on Sat. morning, dyed Easter eggs in the afternoon and that evening made Easter cookies. Sunday morning MiMi and PaPa and Grandpa had to drive back but the cousins got to stay!!!! We all went to church and then Ed and Julee had prepared lunch for us all. We played hard and had so much fun.
Finding their Easter baskets after church.

The four big cousins, were all into taking pictures for the parents :)

One of the attempts at a good picture with all of the cousins together Easter morning.

Ty decorating and Jacqueline eating the Easter cookies!

Hayden, Emma and Mason decorating Easter cookies

Emma dyeing eggs.

Ty dyeing Easter eggs.

Emma, the back of Jacqueline, Mason, Hayden, and Ty with ALL of their eggs!

Emma picking up eggs.

Ty picking up eggs.

Ty and Emma feeding the animals.

Ty and Hayden swinging while we were waiting for the egg hunt.

Ty riding the horses.

Emma riding the horses.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

C.R.O.S.S.F.I.R.E. Commandos Birthday Party

On Friday of last week we had Emma's birthday party. She chose a place called C.R.O.S.S.F.I.R.E. Commandos. During the party all of the kids got to run and jump in a foam pit, jump on a trampoline with a bungee cord on so they could flip, and fly through the air on a zipline! Emma had an INCREDIBLE time, and I think all of the other kids did too! Mrs. Andrea made her cake again, which was adorable and delicious. I can't believe my little girl is already 7!!!
Singing to Emma.
Emma's Cake

Blowing out the Candles.
Maddie, one of Emma's friends on the zipline.
Ty jumping into the foam pit.
Emma doing a back flip on the trampoline.
Jumping on the trampoline!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Field Trip to the Zoo

Thursday of last week we got to go to the zoo for a field trip with Emma. It just happened that PaPa and MiMi were in town for Emma's bday party, so they got to go too! We had so much fun looking at all of the animals and being together.
Emma and MiMi

The Gorilla

Panda Bear

Emma and Ty in a canoe.
PaPa, Ty, MiMi, and Emma.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 6th, Emma's Birth Day

Emma's Birth Day was on a Monday this year so we started off the day with pancakes shaped like a birthday cake with 7 candles. After breakfast I took her to school, and as we do every year I told her of the events of the middle of the night, when I was in labor and when she was born. For lunch, Jeff, Ty and I took Emma McDonalds for lunch and she passed out the cupcakes she made for her class. That night we had fried chicken, Emma's favorite, played Candyland DVD version. This was only the beginning to Emma's Birthday week!

Emma passing out cupcakes

Emma and Ty at lunch

Emma and Daddy

Emma and Me

Emma about to eat her birthday pancakes

The Birthday Cake Pancakes