Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ty singing in Church

Last Sunday night lil' kidzpraize sang in the evening service. Ty loves singing and his teachers have commented several times at how much he loves to sing and worship in song. So he was very excited that he got to "sing on the stairs" in front of everybody!

Boys Day at the Zoo

My friend Renee has a zoo pass and asked Ty and I to go with her and her son Conner, to the zoo last Friday. We had so much fun with the boys, and they loved every part of the zoo!
Ty was determined to see the seal and sea lion show. He loved watching them do tricks.
Ty and Conner

Waiting to see if the show would start soon. (It actually started an hour later, so we went and did some things and then came back.)

Emma's Class Luau at Mrs. Nance's

Mrs. Nance, Emma's teacher had a luau out at her mom's business, which is a really cool place where they have parties and weddings, etc. We had a lot of fun playing around with all of her classmates!
Emma and her class doing the tutti ta ta dance.
Emma and Gracie dancing.
Ty, Conner, and Hannah acting like they're riding a ride at 6 Flags. Everyone loved the swing!!