Thursday, April 24, 2008

Full Weekend

We started off last weekend with a field trip with Emma's class to the Zoo. Our whole family got to go so we were really excited. Unfortunately about 30 min. into the trip it started raining and we had to go home. The good thing was Emma didn't have to go back to school, but came home with us. That afternoon our good friends the Jenkins came up from G'dale. We had so much fun with them. We cooked out Friday night, went bowling Sat. morning and then they all got to see Emma play in her first tball game (which she did great in). At Tball she got to bat twice and played 3rd base one time and right center outfield the 2nd. She did wonderful and was so glad she had friends there to watch her and cheer her on.


A friend of mine who is from the outskirts of Atlanta was in town visiting her mom, who lives down the street from us, a couple of weeks ago. We got to know each other b/c her husband was a youth minister(now he is the teaching pastor at their church) and they have 2 kids, so her mom introduced us and we've been great friends ever since. She is incredibly talented in so many things, but one of her greatest talents is photography. While they were here Tandy gracously took photos of us in her incredible way. We loved the results and wanted to share them. Tandy has a photography business with a friend of hers called sugarsnap photography. You can go to to see more of her incredible work

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baseball Time

Emma's birthday weekend was supposed to be her opening game for Tball. Unfortunately b/c of all the rain we had been getting it got cancelled. So instead Emma put on her uniform and of course Ty put on his baseball attire, dad put on his coaching shirt and they went out in the yard, to hit a few balls.


Emma decided this year she wanted to have her party away from the house and at the bowling alley. She and her friends had a BLAST bowling. Emma picked out the plates and from that Jeff made the invitations and a friend of mine from church made the cake (it was precious and delicious)

Before the Party

We let Emma open presents from the family on Friday night. She got so many wonderful things, but I think her two faves were her my twinn doll and her frog and (now departed) fish. On Saturday she got an edible arrangement instead of flowers from MiMi and PaPa and we all got to enjoy that.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bob and Dash Incredible

I had to put this in the middle of birthday b/c I thought it was so cute. I forgot my camera, but thankfully one of the student's moms took this for us. Ty is 1/2 closing his eyes, but you get the idea.Our Student ministry had superhero night for an evangelistic thing we do called Madhouse. We let Ty dress up as Dash (which he was for Halloween) and Jeff rented Bob. They were so cute together all night. Ty followed Jeff around and did absolutely EVERYTHING Jeff did.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday at School

On Friday for Emma's bday at school we took cupcakes to her class and lunch to her. She had a wonderful time handing them out and afterward we went to the class and read a book to her classmates. In the second pic is Emma with her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Laura. She has been perfect for Emma!

We will miss you "Princess"

Well for Emma's birthday we got her an underwater frog and a beta fish. This morning when Emma got up to feed them we realized "princess" the fish was dead. She had a very short life at our house, not even a week, but we enjoyed her while she was with us.
I will post birthday pics tomorrow (hopefully)