Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley

Emma loves the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" and on that movie there is a scene with a song about a trolley, so while my parents were here we went to downtown Memphis and rode the trolley around for a little bit. The kids loved it.

Date Night

Emma and I had the wonderful opportunity to go see the Lion King Musical at the Orpheum in downtown Memphis. It was absolutely wonderful and Emma loved seeing the animals and the little girl who played Nala. I didn't get to take my camera with us because I wanted Jeff to get pictures of Ty his first night in his big boy bed in his room. So Emma and I took a picture before we went and Jeff took great pics of Ty in his bed

BIg Boy Bed

Well we have come to another big event in the life of one of our kids. MOVING INTO A BIG BED!!! My dad graciously and beautifully made Ty new bedroom furniture and Ty absolutely loves it. They delivered it last weekend and one of the first things Ty wanted to do was go take a nap in it. This didn't last long of course, instead he put his sprinkles down for a nap.

Ty's last morning wake up in crib

Like Father Like Son

One of the things I love to watch is how excited Ty gets when Jeff mows. Ty has his own "mowing" shoes and loves to follow behind Jeff doing exactly what he does

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st Soccer Game

Emma had her 1st Soccer game on Tuesday night. They all played so well and had a great time. Emma's team had 7 scores (as she likes to say) They're so cute at this age, the coaches can be on the field placing players, there are no goalies, and definitely no red or yellow cards(one of the kids on our team would of had several of those from pushing people!!!) Emma got to throw in the ball twice and the first time she was so cute: She threw it in and then just stood there not knowing she could get back in the game. So I yelled from the sidelines,"you can get back in the game baby" and she ran back in. Everyone in the stands got a good laugh out of that.

FIrst Day of Mother's Day Out

Ty had his first day of Mother's Day Out today. He was a little timid at first because it was a new room and new teachers. But by the end of the day he was having a blast. I know he will love being around his friends again

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

San Destin Fun with Glenda, Brittany, and Cassie

Glenda, Brittany, and Cassie gave us a wonderful treat while we were at the beach. They let us go out to eat while they took the kids on a ferry ride, to a playground, and ICE CREAM. When I told Emma that Mrs. Glenda was coming over to play and probably spoil them she replied, "yea" then she proceeded to give Halle the definitlon of spoil," it's when a MiMi or PaPa or someone like that lets you have fun and do things you ususally can't do" I think she knows this defiinition by EXPERIENCE

Beach Fun

Jeff had a great opportunity this past weekend to speak to College and Singles from Gardendale and Shades Mtn. Bapt. It just so happens that the retreat was in San Destin FL so the whole family went. The Jenkins also got to come and so we all had a great time together.

Emma, Ty, Halle, and Corin had so much fun at the beach looking for sea shells and playing in the sand and ocean. It was Ty's first time at the beach and he loved every part of it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rain Rain Come again another day

Well rain came in a heavy downpour one day and I decided to let the kids play in it. The wind however, got to strong so they moved to the porch, and had a great time!!

The PINK note

I know you can't really tell what this is and if Emma were any older I wouldn't do it. But Jeff talked me into putting Emma's first "pink" note on the blog. For those not into the DCES Kindergarten world, you either get a pink or blue note each day. Pink is if you had to move your astronaut to Mars, and blue is if you had a good day and didn't move. Well after 2 weeks of school Emma brought home a note saying she moved her astronaut b/c she was talking!!! She wasn't all that upset about it until I reminded her that trouble at school meant trouble at home. So after she was disciplined and also had to write an apology to the teacher I don't think it will happen again too soon.