Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break in TX Day 1

Well I know this is from a long time ago, but our lives started spinning wildly out of control after we got back from spring break, so I'm just now posting pics from our trip, Emma's birthday, and Easter. So this is day one of our spring break trip to TX. We flew in Wednesday night around midnight, and then slept in a little the next morning. Thursday afternoon we went horseback riding and had a blast. This is one thing we have found that both the kids LOVE doing. We went last year up here in Canada, and this trip we went in Keller TX. At the end the kids got to feed the horses jelly beans and they had fun giggling and squirming while the horses licked their hands. :)

Our train line: Me, Ty, Emma, MiMi, Jeff, PaPa.

Emma feeding her horse a jelly bean.

Ty feeding his horse a jelly bean.

All 6 of us on our horses saying "yee-haw"