Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting TOO Big!!

Well, since Emma was about 2 ( I don't remember if it was really that early but it felt like it :) ) she's been asking to get her ears pierced. We always told her she had to wait until she was 10, because I had to wait until I was 10. For a year now I've been contemplating why we told her to wait until 10---no real reason, just b/c that's what I did. Well last week we told Emma if she saved her own money, got both ears done, and took care of cleaning them, she could get her ears pierced. She was ECSTATIC!!!! She was so brave, she didn't even cry---which I thought was incredible, b/c usually we have alot of tears. But she did great and LOVES them!!



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going Back to May

At the end of May/beginning of June we went to TX for some fun while Jeff was at youth camp. While we were there we got to spend a super fun day with Grami and Poppy. We swam, rode 4wheelers, fished and played all day long topping it off at the end with a meal at Babes. It was so much fun--we all had a blast.

After all the fun we had good fried chicken at "Babes"

Emma very patiently waiting...


Ty not as patient, so didn't catch one, but had fun trying.

Em on the slide. Ty on his favorite---the 4wheeler!!
Emma on a 4wheeler.

Ty on the slide.

Great Wolf Lodge in May

One of the fun things we got to do in May was go to Great Wolf Lodge. I couldn't get my pics off of Snapfish onto here so when we were in TX in July my dad gave me a disk with them. The kids had such a blast once again at the Great Wolf Lodge.
Emma's favorite game!
Ty going down one of the slides.

Ty's favorite ride/game.
Emma and Ty being silly.
Emma spraying water on the sea do.
Emma on a slide.
Emma and Ty swimming around.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


After Vancouver and Six Flags in Arlington we got to go down to Sea World in San Antonio. It was SO MUCH FUN. The kids had the best time seeing all of the animals, and shows, and riding rides.

Ty feeding and trying to touch a dolphin.

Emma trying her best to touch and feed the dolphins.
Ty said this was his favorite part of the whole trip. At the beginning of the dolphin show, there was a guy who came out and acted with the audience, Emma and Ty got to be part of the show and help "turn off the water", which started the main show. They got soaking wet, and loved helping with the show.
Emma turning the wheel to turn the water off.

On the Journey to Atlantis ride.

Sea Lion show.

Ty and Jeff on the Shamu ride. I have some pics of Emma on the Steel Eel, but for some reason they wouldn't come off of the cd my dad made, so still working on those :)

The Phillips' at the front of the park.

Feeding the dolphins
Looking at the map preparing for the day! A trait handed down from PaPa, we LOVE maps. (Especially Emma and Ty)
More pics to come after I can get them off of the cd's, a little technical difficulty before :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The New Cowboys Stadium

Before we went to Six Flags on Tuesday, we went on a tour of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium that is in Arlington TX now. It was incredible, amazing, and huge, just to describe it a little.
Ty in one of the players lockers. They didn't have names on them yet.
Emma in a locker.

PaPa, MiMi, Emma and Ty with the stadium in the background.

Ty touching the grass.

The GIGANTIC screen, that goes from 20 yd line to 20 yd line. Before the game 2 elevators come down out of it and 3 technicians go up into the screen to work it for the entire game.

Before the tour started.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Six Flags

After we came back from Vancouver we spent a few days in TX. The last time we had been there, (pics coming soon) we had gone to Six Flags and Ty was tall enough to ride some of the big rides. Jeff wasn't with us on that trip, because of youth camp so Ty wanted to show him all of the big rides he could do now. We had such a great day.
Ty on the Shock Wave with Jeff. They are in the last car-my adventurous men!!
Ty after he rode the "Shock Wave" he was so proud and had a blast.

Jeff and Emma after they got off of "The Giant" not her favorite ride because of all of the bumpiness.

Emma and I about to ride the Shock Wave "the double loop ride"

Jeff's first big ride with Ty "The Bobsled" is what it used to be called and now it is "The Snake" in Spanish. Ty loved it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

While we were gone!

While Jeff and I were in Vancouver, Emma and Ty stayed with my parents and had some time with Jeff's parents(those pics are being mailed, so they'll be on here later). While they were with my parents they got to swim almost everyday, fingerpainted, played, went bowling, did fireworks, and went to the Arlington 4th of July parade. They had a blast and LOVED every minute. We are so thankful to have parents that love their grandchildren and pour all that love into them when we see them.
Emma and Ty doing smoke bombs-one of their favorite fireworks
Emma, Ty, and their cousins at the parade.

The family at the parade.

Mimi, PaPa, Emma and Ty at Alley Cats, a Bowling Alley/ Gameroom

Ty's favorite ride-the motorcycle.

Emma on the climbing wall. She loves this!! So adventureous.

Emma getting used to skis :)

Ty having his turn on the skis.

Ty playing in the sand--another favorite at PaPa and MiMi's.

Em and Ty fingerpainting.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vancouver in July

Jeff and I, along with 2 couples who are moving to Vancouver with us and 2 that are praying about it, had the opportunity to go to Vancouver for 5 days. It was incredible!!! The other 2 times I've been it's been the ususal rainy season (which is alot of the year) but this time it was sunny and warm every day. We got there on Thursday, met with a realtor and saw some of the sites downtown. Friday we prayer walked, met with one of our Vancouver friends who showed us the ropes on the public transportation. Saturday, we drove up to Whistler and saw some of the Olympic event spots, and then all had our own date nights. Sunday we went to a great church downtown, had the afternoon to shop and then had dinner and really our first service (at least that's what it turned out to be) after dinner at our hotel with the combined US/Vancouver teams. It was a tiring week, but incredible.

Dinner with US and Vancouver people

other table at dinner

bobsled track

Jeff and I in a bobsled.

This is the stone man symbol for the Olympics. It is called an Inukshuk. The natives used to leave these in places where they had been, showing people where there had been people and provisions.

Mountain across from ski jump area.

2010 Olympic ski jump site.

Jeff and I in front of a BEAUTIFUL waterfall.

The group by the cruise ship dock, and the Canada Place.

Jeff and I by the dock.

One of the Cruise Ships.
Jeff and I at one of the spots in Stanley Park.