Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

For Valentine's Day this year we did our annual heart shaped breakfast, fried chicken dinner, and treasure hunt for small goodies!  I made the hunt a little harder and outside of our apartment this year and the kids had such a great time.
 Emma with her heart shaped pancake!

 Ty with his heart shaped breakfast.

 Emma made her own placemat.

 Ty made a placemat for Jeff.:)

 Ty's own placemat.

 Emma made a placemat for me!

 Our yummy dinner!!

 The first clue!!

 2nd clue in Emma's room.

 Ty headed off to find the 3rd clue!

 3rd clue in Ty's room!

 Clue in the Refrigerator!

 Clue in the Weight room!

 Clue in the Pool Room!

 Clue in our mailbox!

The treasure in Mom and Dad's room!!