Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Day of School!!

Ok I am WAY behind!!! We got back from our Florida trip and there were so many pics that I was too overwhelmed to put any on. So I've just decided to skip it for now, and move on to 1st day of school. Both Emma and Ty had great first days of school. Ty has Ms. Limperopolus, we call her Ms. L,:) and Emma has Ms. Ringdahl. Jeff and I have jumped in full force this semester. Jeff is coaching girls volleyball for grades 4-6, and basketball for boys grades 5 and 6. I am volunteering in Emma and Ty's class with reading and helping with math.

We are loving Lord Roberts Elementary and all the friendships we have there.

Grade 1 pancake:)
Grade 4 pancake!

Emma and Ty on their first day!

Ty in his grade 1 classroom

Emma in her grade 4 classroom.