Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I LOVE painted walls!!!

We just had a mission team come to visit from Brandon MS. They had asked what would help us personally and we told them we would love for them to help us paint our townhome!! They even had a very talented artist in the group, so Emma and Ty told her what they wanted on the walls and she was so sweet to meet their requests! They painted the whole apt. a tan color and then we had one wall in the living room that was a steel blue color. Then in Emma's room she wanted lime green with flowers and her name on the wall. Ty had the tan, with one accent blue wall. He asked for the Canucks hockey logo and his name. We are so grateful that they were able to help us out like this. To me, a house just isn't a home until it's painted... now I have a HOME :)
Emma's room.

Ty's logo.

Ty's name.

The blue and tan walls.

We also rearranged our furniture and it's a little roomier :)

Snow and Sledding in the City!!

We finally had a full day of snow here in downtown!!! It snowed all day and then all night and we had mounds of snow to play in!! Because I have the best husband and our kids have the best daddy EVER, he allowed them to play in the snow and make a snowman at MIDNIGHT!!!! We had had some friends over for dinner and we took the last family home around 11:45 because they lived the furthest (about 7 or 8 blocks). When we got back, Jeff said, "let's make a snowman!!!" So at 12:00 am we were in our courtyard building a snow man!! The kids had so much fun. The next day we put on our snow gear and headed out to sled. We found a hill about 2 blocks away that was perfect for sledding.
Daddy, Ty, Emma, and our snowman!
Building the snowman.

Emma sledding.

Ty sledding.

Taking our sleds to the hill.

Ty and Emma going at the same time.

Valentine's Day 2011

We did our annual, Valentine's Dinner/Scavenger Hunt again this year and the kids had so much fun. Emma made all of the placemats, also making cards for all of the food. We had fried chicken, then the kids went on a scavenger hunt around our home, looking for clues and then finding their treasure in our ottoman :). It was another great Valentine's Day!!

The fried chicken :)

Daddy's placemat

Emma's placemat.

My placemat.

Ty's placemat (he did do the part on the right :)

The name card for the mashed potatoes!

Going to look for clues.

Reading the clues.

One was on the top bunk :)

Finding the Valentine treasure!!

Singing at the Korean Church

For a while we were praying for the Korean Church every Sunday afternoon, while they met. After they met, one of the young women, Sunny, would teach Emma, Ty, and Carson Sunday School. They loved going each week, and at their last service (they had to move buildings and we no longer meet with them on Sundays) Emma and Ty sang a song and did motions for all of them. They had a great time and enjoyed every minute!!

Sunny, Ty, Emma, and Carson!!