Friday, October 30, 2009

I forgot one thing....

I forgot to tell this one last story.... This woman, Ann Evans was told by a friend, "at your age you can't finish a 10K race...but if you do, I'll give $100 to missions" Well this is Ann finishing the race!!! Great job Ann and thanks for proving your friend wrong :)

Race Around The World

God has done some amazing things with our journey to Vancouver, and this event was just another way we have been seeing Him work. A few months ago, Scott Grisham (who's family is going with us to Vancouver with us) and Jeff had the idea to do a 5/10K race to raise money for theCrossings. Well around the same time, God was laying it on the hearts of Frank and Jamie Lee (they are a young married couple at Trinity, who have a 5 year old son who is friends with Ty) to do the same exact thing. Frank talked with Jeff and Race Around the World was born. After 2 months of planning the Race was on Oct. 17th and was AWESOME!!! We had over 100 runners and it all went very smoothly. We are Praising God for this new way to raise support, and we are so thankful for friends like Frank and Jamie who were so receptive to what God was telling them to do.
Here is Casey, one of our volunteers, out at the wee hours of the morning getting things ready in the cold!

Kelly and Leanne, who did an AWESOME job at registration!!

The Phillips Fam

This is one of the sweetest stories. Sweet Caroline ( a friend of Ty's) decided she wanted to raise her $8 dollars for the fun run part of the race. So she did extra chores and began asking people to help support "The church Ty was starting in Vancouver" She ended up raising $60!!!!!! Tears still come to my eyes as I think about her bringing in her box of money! She has such a sweet and tender heart.

On Your Mark, Get Set,......

16 year old winner of the 5K.

Jeff and Ty working hard!

Our friend Carrie and her son Will as they finished up the fun run.

Emma with her teacher Mrs. Smith, who ran the 10K and did an AWESOME job!

Emma presenting Caroline her medal after the fun run:)

Picking up the up.

The volunteers who helped make the event a HUGE Success!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Last weekend we took a trip to New York City. This was a two-fold trip. We planned the whole trip so that we could go visit with some friends of ours from college who planted a church on the upper east side of Manhattan. We stayed with them one night, so we could live the downtown life, and then the other 2 nights stayed in a refurbished one bedroom loft/hotel. We were able to quiz them thoroughly on the life of church planters and family life in the city as well as see some sights. We had a Blast, Emma and Ty made new friends, and learned a lot!
Jeff and Em on subway.
Ty not wanting his pic taken on subway.

We were there Sat.-Tues. On Monday morning me, Ginger, and all the kids went to Central Park while the dads met and talked. While we were at the park the Columbus Day parade started. It was fun to see a parade in NY, however it was crazy how much space was between each group.

Ty and Judson playing at a park Sunday night.

Neeley and Emma playing on a huge statue of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park.

Ty was obviously cracking up about something!

Ty and Judson playing on huge rocks.

The kids with a firetruck after the parade.

Emma and Ty being sweet by the George Washington statue.

Jeff, Ty and Em in Times Square.
Em, Ty and Jeff eating McDonalds in Times Square, while I saved our place for in line for 1/2 price tickets to Mary Poppins.

Flag hanging from 9/11.

Ground Zero

Place where missing notices were put up during 9/11, now a memorial.

Macy's, where the Thanksgiving Parade comes by!

Flat Iron building. We took a City bus tour that we could hop on and hop off. Each bus had it's own tour guide. Our first guide was great, our second one talked about building structure the whole time and our third one, politics. Too bad you can't request a guide who will tell you about things you want to know about!

Statue of Liberty

Rockefeller Center

Jeff, Em and Ty before we saw Mary Poppins--which was incredible!!!

Em and Jeff before the musical!

The stage before it started.

Me and Ty before it started.

Me and the kids when it was over.

Times Square about 11pm, still very crowded. Seriously, that part of the city never sleeps. We got done with Mary Poppins about 9:45 and hadn't eaten dinner (b/c we had rushed to see Rockefeller Center and the American Girl Store) So afterwards, we went and ate dinner and then went into the ESPN store. Finally made it back uptown around 11:45.

Friday, October 9, 2009


YAY!!! It's fall!! Last weekend we went to the PUMPKIN PATCH!! We have taken Emma and Ty to a pumpkin patch since Emma was 6 months and Ty 11months! We had so much fun!! This time Scott, Anna Katherine, and Max joined us. We got to show them all our traditions and I assured Anna Katherine that I would find us a pumpkin patch in or around Vancouver!
Emma riding "Taco" She's rode him the last few years.
I think Ty's favorite part is this, riding "Oreo" He has gotten him every year since he was 2!

Ty, Max and Emma!

Max feeding the donkey.

Emma and Ty feeding the goats.

Ty, Max and Scott on the train.

Emma and Anna Katherine (and Ellie Rose- still in the belly)

Going into the hay maze.

Emma playing on the playground.

Ty playing with the trucks in the sand.

Max playing in the sand with trucks.

Ty and Em on the hayride to the patch.

Ty on the pirate ship -it was new this year!

Max on the pirate ship dock--playing drums!

Ty's pumpkin pick.

Emma's pumpkin pick.

Emma's pumpkin, after it was painted.

Emma painting her pumpkin.

Ty painting his pumpkin.

Ty, so proud of his painted pumpkin!