Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grandpa Visits!!

Grandpa came to visit at the beginning of July! We had so much fun with him. Right after we picked him up at the airport we went strawberry picking. They were the most DELICIOUS strawberries any of us had EVER tasted!!! Next year we will probably go back several times so that we can make jam, pies, lots of yummy goodies :) Over the next week while he was here wen went to the beach, Capillano Bridge, Lynn Valley Canyon, all of the Olympic sights, Shannon Falls, and Whistler. We had so much fun and enjoyed showing all of Beautiful Vancouver.
Emma and Grandpa picking strawberries.
Ty and Daddy picking strawberries.

Some of our good picks!!

The kids, Jeff, and Grandpa at Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge.

Grandpa, Emma, and Ty at Capilano!

Shannon Falls

Emma on the Luge!

The Biathalon Track.

Ty on the skeleton!

Ty and Emma in the bobsleigh.