Monday, February 25, 2008

Field trip to the CMOM (Children's Museum of Memphis)

Last week Emma's class got to go to the children's museum and we had a blast. They have a real airplane, police car, firetruck, grocery store, and stage to play with. They have traveling parts that come in and out and this month they had my house your house where they featured how children live differently around the world. It was really neat.

trip to the Jenkins

We had such a great time at our friends the Jenkins 2 weekends ago. The kids had a blast playing and the adults a wonderful time catching up.

Ty and Corin passed out on the couch before we left on Sat. night.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hannah Montana Movie

Before we went to the Hannah Montana Movie Ty had the Little Gym where they were doing hockey last night. Here they are playing 2 on 2 and I have to say Ty was very aggressive at it.
We left the gym early to get seats at the movie. Emma loved the movie, sitting on the edge of her seat and sometimes singing along. Ty liked parts of it but wasn't as impressed.

Happy Valentine's Day

When Emma was about 2 I got this idea from my friend Paige. Every Valentine's day we dress up and have a nice family dinner. This year we had to do it on Tues. b/c we were going to the Hannah Montana movie on Vday. Emma always likes to put on a nice dress and make our placemats for us and this year Ty helped by making his and dad's placemats. Ty decided to dress up by putting on his dash incredible outfit. We had a wonderful time just being together and loving on one another.

This was our timer portrait. The flowers Jeff brought me kept getting in the way, but it turned out ok

Monday, February 4, 2008

High School Musical And Friends

Emma and I had the wonderful opportunity of going to High School Musical, the broadway production. It was absolutely wonderful and we had a great time.

Emma and Ty loving on each other

I keep up little boy a couple of days a week and on this day he came dressed in baseball stuff. Ty decided he wanted to dress just like him and had to put on his jersey too! They were so cute together.

Some sweet friends of ours moved away in October and we haven't been able to see them since then. They ended up coming in town and we had pancakes with them and some of our other friends, they had so much fun playing together again.