Monday, November 19, 2012

Emma's Birthday April 6, 2012

  Emma wanted to take swirl cupcakes to her class!

 Emma with her cupcakes!

 Emma with her friends!

 Emma opening presents!

 Emma making her own '10' pancakes!

 the finished product!:)

 Fried Chicken for the Birthday Girl's favorite dinner!

Monday, September 10, 2012


In the winter/spring Emma was in Glee again, while Ty did hockey.  Both loved their events and had fun!
 Emma with her Glee Teacher

Ty with Madeleine, Cooper, and Emma after his hockey game! (he loves having fans there):)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trip to LA!!

At the end of February, beginning of March, we were asked to go to a missions conference an hour away from LA.  So we planned an impromptu trip to Disneyland/California Adventure.  My parents were able to meet us there and we had such a fun time! We were able to see so many incredible things in such a short time.  We saw the Rose Bowl, Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Disneyland, and California Adventure. These are just a few of the pics we took while we were there.
 The first McDonalds EVER was near Immanuel Baptist Church (the church that was having the missions conference)
 Emma and Ty on Splash Mountain

 PaPa and MiMi on Splash Mountain

 Emma and MiMi in line.

 Ty and PaPa in line.

 We drove around all the places we wanted to see in the LA area and while we were in Hollywood they were doing the Oscars!!  It was so neat seeing them set it all up.

 Unfortunately, since it was February, it rained on us and was pretty chilly some of the time.
HOWEVER, that did not stop us!!!:)

 Emma, Ty, PaPa, and MiMi in one of the lines:)

Ty was able to sit and help the "cast member" on this ride.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

For Valentine's Day this year we did our annual heart shaped breakfast, fried chicken dinner, and treasure hunt for small goodies!  I made the hunt a little harder and outside of our apartment this year and the kids had such a great time.
 Emma with her heart shaped pancake!

 Ty with his heart shaped breakfast.

 Emma made her own placemat.

 Ty made a placemat for Jeff.:)

 Ty's own placemat.

 Emma made a placemat for me!

 Our yummy dinner!!

 The first clue!!

 2nd clue in Emma's room.

 Ty headed off to find the 3rd clue!

 3rd clue in Ty's room!

 Clue in the Refrigerator!

 Clue in the Weight room!

 Clue in the Pool Room!

 Clue in our mailbox!

The treasure in Mom and Dad's room!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ty's Birthday Skiing!!

For Ty's Birthday this year he wanted to go skiing instead of have a party and presents.  So, in January(his birthday is in November) we were finally able to go! He had such a great time!! 
 Ty eating his birthday lunch, nuggets and fries

 Ty and Jeff (he LOVES his daddy!!)
 Ready to SKI!!!
 On the chairlift.
 Me and my favourite girl!!
Ty, way ahead of us, skiing!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas day donned early for us this year!! The kids got up and loved all of their presents.:) We had breakfast and watched the Disney Christmas Day parade.  Then we had lunch and headed to the Vancouver aquarium.  This was something we had never done before and really I was shocked that it was open.:)  We spent some time there looking and playing and then saw a 20 min version of The Polar Express in 4D.  After the aquarium we headed home and got ready for the people that were coming to celebrate with us that night.  Our Iranian friends, Amin and Sepideh, were coming over and bringing some of their friends.  Also, our friends the Cassinos were coming over too!! We had a super fun night of good food, and playing Mafia!! It was a GREAT Christmas!!
 In the wee hours of the morning!:)

 Emma and Ty seeing what was brought!

 After the gifts it was time for the stockings!

 Emma and Ty watching the sea turtles and sharks

 The dolphin show

Emma and Ty playing marine vets by working on a dolphin!

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve was full of activities!! We took PaPa and MiMi to the airport, went to a church service with some friends, made cookies, spread our reindeer food, read about baby Jesus in the Bible, got our elves ready to return and then checked on Santa's location on NORAD.  It was a super fun night!!
Making cookies!

 Spreading reindeer food.

Ready for Santa.