Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break in Vancouver!!

Last week , for spring break, we had the wonderful opportunity of going to show Emma and Ty Vancouver for the first time. They both had an incredible time. We stayed in a hotel with a pool (BIG HIT). We went to the Aquarium, and ice skating. We met with some of the core that live in Vancouver and Jeff met with a couple pastors from churches there to talk to them about the church plant. It was a great experience and the kids love our future home!
Emma ice skating.

Ty ice skating with the cone.

Jonny, Melissa, Jeff, Mike, Emma, and Ty

Downtown from the back of our car.

The Mountains ,on a cloudy day, that surround downtown.

The SkyTrain which is an above ground subway.

The SeaBus, which is like a ferry that goes from Downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver.

Aquarium mascot.

Bald Eagle at the Aquarium.

Ty getting his face painted.

Emma getting her face painted.

Beluga whale at Aquarium.

Blue frog we saw at the Aquarium.

One of the other hotels by ours, from our window.

Ty showing his muscles.

Emma doing gymnastics in the gym area.

Emma and Ty playing in the hotel pool.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Snow again

Ok, so the day before this we were playing outside without jackets and after bowling and naptime the next day, this was all outside! I love snow!!
The kids with PaPa.
Our snowman
Making our snowman.
Where MiMi stood and watched while we played.
The Phillips' in the snow!

Bowling and Playing Around

While MiMi and PaPa were here for Grandparents day and Upward Awards, we played a ton and they took us bowling. We all had a great time, but MiMi and I are blaming our low scores on false confidence from Wii bowling :)
MiMi bowling.
PaPa bowling.
Ty bowling.
Emma bowling.
Ty riding his fourwheeler through mud and puddles.
Ty playing outside.
Emma while we were outside.
Emma with our neighbors dog Boots.
One of the crazy things about all these pics is that Friday we were outside playing with no jackets and Saturday afternoon it started snowing!!!CRAZY weather.

Upward Ceremony

The night after Grandparents day was the Upwards awards ceremony. Ty had a great time being introduced with his team and proudly came through the streamers and then sat with his team. They had a magician there that was great and the kids LOVED him. After the magician they got to get their awards which was a cool green and black backpack. Ty had a great season and we are so proud of him!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grandparents Day

Ty had Grandparents day at Mother's Day Out (2weeks ago now). MiMi and PaPa came in for the event and had such a great time. They got to eat a snack with him and then do some crafts. He had such a good time and we are so thankful that MiMi and PaPa got to come and be celebrated!
Making the craft.

Ty with PaPa
All the kids and grandparents!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ty's Last Basketball Game

Ty's last basketball game was last Tuesday night and he did so good. Everyone could tell that their whole team had really improved. They had so much fun and I'm glad he had this opportunity at such a young age!
On the bench.

Passing the Ball.

Paige's Shower and Baby Kate Arrives

2 weekends ago, I had the opportunity to suprise one of my friends at her baby shower in Gardendale. It was so much fun to see her and her girls, Halle and Corin. Baby Kate, who we were celebrating at the shower, came suprisingly this past weekend- almost a week early! So, since we had a snow day on Sunday and didn't have church, we drove down and saw baby Kate in the hospital. I know it seems a little extreme to go see a baby 3 hours away in the hospital, but since in a little over a year we will be about 35 hours away from them, I thought it would be fun to go see her!

Paige and I at the shower

Halle at the shower

Paige opening gifts

Ty with Kate
Emma with Kate.