Friday, November 6, 2009


On the Thursday night before Halloween on Saturday, we made pumpkin cookies and carved our pumpkins. I sadly did not get any pumpkin carving pictures. What was I thinking!!! :( But I did get a couple of Emma helping do the cookies (Ty only wanted to help put sprinkles on:).
On Saturday night we got our costumes on and then went over for "hot dog mummies" with our friends the Lammey's. We had a blast eating and playing, and then we headed out to trick or treat! We went trick or treating around our old neighborhood, (which honestly was a little sad for me) and the kids had so much fun. We went to our old neighbors house, and they invited us back later for a party they were having! So after trick or treating we went to the Fall Festival at our church, where another great time was had by all :). Then we ended the night going to our old neighbor's house (Shone and Susanna) where the kids got to play with friends, and we got to visit with our old neighbors :) It was a great night!!
Em rolling out the dough!

My big helper!!

Our Indian and our Batman.

Action shot!: Emma saying "Ah, Ah, Ah" and Ty showing off his BIG muscles!

With our carved pumpkins! Emma wanted me to tell all of you that she and Daddy cut out eyelashes for her girl pumpkin. Ty's has a "scary" face!!

The Lammey kids (Jacob and Ella Grace) and Ty and Emma

Our first house!!

Our babysitter Taylor and her sister, along with Ella Grace, Ty and Emma

At the Fall Festival with Mary Kaitlyn and Madelyn.

Ty and Parker!!

I know this pic is blurry, but I thought it was so cute. Ty was doing his best to help clean up and he was doing a great job carrying very heavy posts!

Emma with her Indian twin Abagael!!