Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Well in one of my other posts I told you that at Christmas we have many traditions that we do and that this year we wanted to start some new ones to go with our new city! So we did some of our usual, decorating cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, looking at lights in pj's and with hot cocoa, but then we added in a couple of new ones too, looking at incredible gingerbread houses and sledding(that was actually after Christmas).

Jeff and Emma decorating Emma's

Ty decorating his.

Decorating Cookies.

"Willy Wonka" in Gingerbread form (it was my favorite!!)

A gingerbread village complete with a hockey rink!

Close up of Wonka!

Giant Gingerbread house.
Houses that we looked at.

Ready to go!

All bundled up in pj's and blankets to go look at Christmas lights!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In the words of my mom, "Besides Disney World, this was my favorite vacation!!" My parents came up for Christmas at the beginning of December and took us on a ski vacation to Whistler. We never thought we'd live so close to the slopes, so now that we do, we wanted our kids to know how to ski. It has also been a dream of my dad's to ski with his grandchildren!! So we went up and skied for 3 days. The kids loved it, and the adults loved it!! We all had a great time. My mom doesn't ski, so she cooked a great breakfast and lunch for us and then we would go out for dinner. It was so nice to have a place to come back to during the day and have a good meal. Before we left for Whistler we had our Christmas with them, and then when we got back we went to Bright Lights in Stanley Park. We had a blast with PaPa and MiMi!!
On the train at Bright Lights.

Ty and Emma with the Gingerbread Man!

Ty with one of his stocking stuffers :)

Emma with her American Girl twin toddlers!!

Ty with his Stars Hockey Jersey!

PaPa, Ty, MiMi, and Emma on the Gondola ride up the mountain!

PaPa, MiMi, Emma and Ty headed out to ski, and MiMi to shop :)

Emma and Ty coming down the mountain.

I'd never been in a white out, but we were on this trip!! It was crazy!! It was blizzard-like snowing and foggy. Still having fun though :)

The Phillips Family waving to MiMi at the condo.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Parade

I love having traditions and this year we added a few to Christmas!! The first one we added in December was the "Santa Claus Parade"!! It was a block from our apt so we didn't have to get there an hour or more before, which was nice. We arrived about 15 min before it started and had a great spot. The kids had fun seeing all of the floats, bands, and getting the handouts!
Rudolph the Red? (It was kind of orangey) nose BUS!!
Float for Construction workers working safely.

Dance Team

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Emma and Ty with Emma's friend Angelica.


My own little santa's!!

Letters To Santa!

Jeff and I always try to pick a week night before December to go see Santa at the Mall. We do not want to stand in line with hundreds of others so we opt for a weeknight. When we were in Mississippi we always did it the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. However, being in Canada now, and Thanksgiving being different we did it the first week of December. I'm thankful to say no one was there besides us!! Before we left the house we had the kids write their letters to Santa. Then we headed out. I love being the only ones there to see him b/c he takes alot more time with each kid. The kids had a great time telling him what they wanted (Emma knows now that we are actually Santa) and Ty will instantly tell you that the mall Santa is NOT the real Santa, just a helper :), however they both love the tradition :)
Ty writing his letter.

Emma writing hers.

Santa reading Ty's letter.

Santa reading Emma's.

Merry Christmas 2010!!