Monday, June 21, 2010

Grami and Poppy's Visit!!!

Jeff's parents, aka "Grami and Poppy" :) came to visit weekend before last. It was so good to see family and be able to show them our new home. We filled each day with tons of fun and sight seeing. We showed them around downtown and Metro Vancouver, Stanley park, Capilano Bridge, Shannon Falls, Whistler, and they got to see Ty play baseball. We all had a great time, and I think we wore them out!!!
Ty and Emma showing the scultpure of "pillows" on the grass by the bay.
Emma and Ty by the Olympic Torch.

Ty, Poppy, Grami, and Emma at Capilano Bridge.

On the Bridge, about to go across!!

Ty, Jeff, Emma and I all climbed across some rocks by Shannon Falls, and I got a great pic of my wonderful husband and great kiddos!!

Poppy, Ty, Grami, and Emma by the creek by the falls.

Well, this was probably most exciting part of the whole trip!!!! We saw 2 BEARS!!!! We were driving up to Whistler and Jeff wanted to go see if we could show Grami and Poppy the ski jump area from the Olympics. Well the sign said it was closed buy we went up the long road anyway, and we were all so glad we did!!! The first bear was the brown bear below and we saw him twice, once on the way up and once on the way back. The 2nd bear was black and he is pictured above. ALL of us loved seeing the bears!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

UBC Farm Field Trip!!!

The advantage of being a Kindergartener is the huge amount of field trips you get to go on. This field trip was to UBC Farm (University of British Columbia). The kids started off with talking with their guide about farms and what they did. Then, he read them a story about how a pumpkin seed becomes a pumpkin. Then the kids got to play in some soil, and then some compost and were able to see the difference in the two (it was definitely a learning experience for me too!!). Next we had a short hike through a wooded area, identifying plants and trees. Then we headed to see some cows behind an electrical fence. Finally we ended up with the chickens, which the kids loved!! After the farm we ate lunch by the beach and the kids played in the sand, and then ended up in the water :)!!!! Ty once again had a great time and enjoyed every minute!!
Our guide, Jacob, explaining the farm (let me just add right here for LOST fans--once Jeff heard that his name was Jacob, Jeff couldn't help but make LOST references the whole time. Then when we went into the woods, Jeff said, "if he leads us to a run down cabin, I'm out of here!!!" I have such a funny husband!! Never a dull moment with him :)
Listening to Jacob talk about pumpkin seeds.

Mixing up the soil and compost.

Just a cute pic of my big boy :)

Looking at the cows.

Petting the chickens.

Playing with the buoys at the beach.

About to go in the water!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Corbin's Visit!!!

Tim, Amy, Rylie, Madison, and Taitlyn Corbin came to visit us in May. Amy was one of my roommates in college and we have always been like sisters. God blessed us with the opportunity to live and work together in Gardendale AL, both of our oldest kids were born there (Rylie and Emma) and then they moved to Texas for a job. Well 3 years ago, God called them to plant a church north of Seattle Washington, which means they are just 2 hours from US!!!!! YAY!!! God is so good to us, to give us sweet family like friends so close, that are also going through or have already gone through all of the church planting stuff. They came and stayed a couple of nights and we had an absolute BLAST!!!! Their girls and Ty and Emma had a great time together. My only regret is that I would have taken more pictures :) Can't wait for our next time together!!
Looking at the tulips.

Showing them the floating dock.

All the kiddos together!!

The Capilano Bridge

One "touristy" thing around Vancouver is called the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It is a huge suspension bridge held up by wires that goes across a giant ravine. It is absolutely gorgeous with the trees all around and river below. They also have a "treetop adventure" where you can walk on pathways through the trees and across some smaller bridges. We did this in May (I'm just a little behind) so of course it's a little cooler then, but still the highest temp it's been so far is in the high 60's :)
Close up of Em and Ty on the bridge
Emma and Ty beginning the bridge!

On one of the tree top bridges.

Ending the day with a friendly game of checkers :)