Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unreached Goals!!

Ok so my goal for posting last week was to make one post a day so I wouldn't being posting all at once---well that didn't happen :) Get ready to drink out of a fire hydrant, the floodgates have opened. I am on a posting marathon!!! ENJOY :)


Well after much waiting and hearing about warm weather everywhere else, it was finally warm enough here to be in swimsuits and play at the beach!!!! The kids and I (sadly Jeff had to work, but he'll get to go many times I'm sure) hopped on our bikes Monday afternoon, rode through Stanley Park, and first stopped at the Splash park to play. After our stop there, we rode around to 3rd beach and the kids played in the sand and water for a solid hour. Reluctantly we left and rode home, but we were so happy for a warm and pretty day :)

Jazz Festival

This past weekend was a free Jazz Festival in downtown Vancouver. We decided to go on Saturday night and they had the coolest stuff for the kids to do. They had a large washable piece of art that the kids could paint on both kids painted until we made them stop (I even got in on the action and I told Jeff we needed one at home :) They also could make a marching drum or a shaker. They both liked doing that, although Ty was disappointed that it didn't sound like the real thing. We then ran into the Robinson's and Lyndsey's parents who are visiting and sat and talked/played with them for awhile. It was a very relaxing and fun evening.

Slumber Party!!!

For Jeff's bday the Robinson's let our 2 kiddos spend the night at their apt. Our kids of course had a wonderful time and didn't want to leave :) 2 days later was Victor and Lyndsey's anniversary, so we kept their 2 overnight!! We had so much fun. We painted faces, went to the park, and watched a movie. The kids did great and we all had so much fun.
Carson at the park.

Brooklynn at the park.

Emma, Ty, and Carson with painted faces!! Too Cute :)

Water Park at Granville Island

We woke up last Friday to the first sunny day in a while. So to celebrate we went to the "water park" (I use that term loosely b/c it's a splash park with 2 small water slides, one of which was not working) at Granville Island. Ty and Emma went up and down, up and down, over and over, for an hour on the water slide, and never got bored. They had a BLAST!!!
Ty getting ready to go.

Ty done and ready to go again!

Emma getting ready to go.

Emma sliding down.

At the End!

O' Canada

CANADA DAY!!!! Canada Day is July 1st and celebrated like the 4th of July in the states. It just so happens to be Jeff's bday too!!! So we had a full day of celebration. The first thing we did was go to a big Canada Day celebration they were having by the Olympic torch and convention center. The kids had their faces painted and we got to see the torch lit. After that we met theCrossings team as well as people they invited and some of the baseball families, and friends they invited at 2nd beach. We ate, played, and talked for a few hours. Then we all kind of went our separate ways except for the Robinson's, the Lochhead's, and us. We all went back and watched the Canada Day parade that was close to our apt. Our group dwindled down to just our family after the parade and we let the kids stay up until 10:30 to go and watch the fireworks in the Harbor by our apt. It was so crazy, about 10:25, when we left our apt., tons of people were walking down all the sidewalks to go to the apts. It made me feel like we were at Disney World or somewhere among the masses. We were ALL wiped out after our FULL day of fun!!
Emma and Ty with their Maple Leaf Masks!!
By the Olympic Torch.

Some of the adults at the beach.

Emma and Ceris at the playground.

The kids playing soccer.

More adults chatting :)

Playing at the playground.

Waiting on the parade!

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Part of the country of China's parade entry.

Waiting on the fireworks.

The Fireworks!!

Soccer Time

For 6 weeks Emma and Ty had soccer practice, one day a week for an hour. Then to end the "season" Ty had 2 games and Emma had 3. They both enjoyed playing but I think Ty is ready to have games every week.
Ty liked playing goalie.

Ty playing.

Emma playing.

Emma's team.

Ty's team.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brothers Creek Hike

One event that I was not looking forward to was Ty's class's last day of school hike. It's not that I didn't want to go on the hike, it's just I didn't want to go on the last day of school. BUT, we had a wonderful time and I'm so glad I went!!! Ms. Jardine, loves everything outdoor and we have done some wonderful field trips, so I knew this one was going to be just as good as all the others. The hike took about 2 hours to get up to the creek and then we had lunch and played in the ice cold creek. Then we hiked 2 hours back down the mountain. I think one of my favorite things about this hike was that Emma got to go too. I asked Emma if she wanted to stay for the rest of the talent show or go on the hike, and she definitely wanted to go on the hike. So Ty, Emma and I all got to hike together, which was so fun and something I can't wait to do again!!
The class following Ms. Jardine, and the "trail finder"
All of the kids by a big tree.

Playing in the creek.

Ty's Class Family Picnic

One of the end of the year things that Ty's class did was a family picnic. The last Friday of the year most of the parents and the kids met for lunch at 2nd Beach park. The kids had so much fun playing on the play ground, playing soccer, and playing with the parachute.
Ty and Jeff playing soccer.

Ryder, Maribod, and Ty eating lunch.

Ty swinging with Paul and another friend.
The Parachute!!

Ms. Jardine, her assisstant Mr. Davis and Zoe, Ryder, Milan, Sasha, Jaden, Selma, Nabil, Maribod, Luna, Frieda, Lily, Ty, Paul, Mau, and Philip. We were missing Faith and Ahmed.

Talent Show

A few weeks ago Emma told us she wanted to try out for the Talent Show at her school. Jeff and I were nervous for her, but we knew we needed to let her audition. Jeff made a cd off of itunes for her of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and she had to audition in front of the grade 7 teacher (and all of the other kids who came to listen or audition). Emma did great at the audition and all of her friends applauded her. The teacher told her to practice taking a breath before one of the words, and so our little determined girl practiced at home, and her teacher had her practice in front of her class everyday. Then, the big day came, and after much prayer and practice Emma was not nervous at all and did AWESOME. Jeff and I kept trying to get her to take her words up with her, in case she forgot, but she wouldn't. She kept saying she knew the words. Finally, I realized I need to trust God that He would help her do her best. We were so proud of her for getting up there, by herself, and doing the best she could. She's way braver than me!!!

Before the show began.

About to sing.


I need to add, Emma told me she wanted to wear her blue and white polka dotted dress and do her hair in braids. She also wanted to carry a basket with a ToTo look-a-like. She was so funny, she said, " I want it to look like Dorothy, but say Emma too" Too CUTE!!!

End of Baseball

Ty had a great time playing baseball this year and it was a wonderful way for us to meet people. One of the families wanted to have a team cookout to end the year so we had a party at their house. Then a few days later we went to a Canadians game (Single A Team in Vancouver). The boys, and Emma with the girls on the team, had a great time at both events!!
Ty, Emma, Fredrico, and Sabrina with the Canadians mascot.
I have to say it wasn't really that warm out, but it was sunny, so the kids played in the little pool and with water guns.

Ty eating.

Ty being goalie!!

This was what was played for the majority of the time by the majority of the boys--HOCKEY!!

Relaxing Weekend!!

Like I said a few posts back, one of the benefits of living in Vancouver is that we are so close to the Corbins!!! Tim asked Jeff to speak to their church two weekends ago, so we decided to go for the whole weekend. We left right after lunch and were able to do some grocery shopping in the U.S. This is probably not a big deal for anyone inside of the U.S. HOWEVER, for us it is huge. The prices here in Vancouver are at leat 2 times more than the prices just over the border :( So I hit the local Winco--which is a fabulous place with very low prices!!! I got things like Velveeta for $4 instead of $12!!! It was great. The groceries were only the beginning to a wonderful weekend. We went to the Corbins after that, the kids played and had a great time together. Amy and I went to Target (another store Canada doesn't have) and the outlet shops (WITHOUT KIDS!!!). The pics are from a place called Kayak point that we went to on Saturday evening. It is a campground/park and recreational area that has a great playground and it was right by a bay. We had such a relaxing time. Thanks Corbins for letting us spend a weekend with you. :)

Madison, she and Ty are the same age.

Taitlyn being pushed by Amy.


Emma and Rylie, same age.

Toy Story 3!!! 4 HOURS LONG!!!!

Not everyone who goes to see Toy Story 3 will have the 4 hour experience like we did :) Jeff and I decided to suprise the kids by going one Friday after school. We went to the 4:40 showing and everything was going great!! Then, about 3/4 of the way through the whole block that the movie theatre was on lost power. We sat for about 20 min. and then they came in and told us that we could get rainchecks for the movie stopping and go see any other movie we wanted. So we went to stand in line to see what other movies we might be able to see, but there were no other kid friendly ones. As we were standing there, they made an announcement that if we wanted to see the 6:20 showing of Toy Story 3 we could go with them. It was 6:10, so we decided to go ahead and join them. So in all, we got to see Toy Story 3 1 3/4 times, got 4 free theatre tickets, and got a refund!!!! The icing on the cake was that it was such a great movie!!