Monday, September 15, 2008

Ty's First Sleepover

Ty had one of our neighbor friends spend the night on Friday. We had talked about it all week and on Fri. when I talked to the mom she said Scott was a little scared and probably wouldn't spend the night, but still wanted to play. After playing for a couple of hours, and by playing I mean trading batman and spiderman costumes about 10 times, I told Scott it was time to go home, he replied with, "why? I'm going to spend the night" So we walked him across the street and we reasked his parents about spending the night and got jammies and toothbrush, etc. The boys played for a little while longer and then I let them watch a little tv. Ty kept getting up so I went in and sat with them until they were asleep, about 10min. Ty got up at 6:15 and Scott slept ALL the WAY until 7:00 (I'm being saracastic if you can't tell). Really they both did great and we would love to do it again soon! The reason I'm saying "I" this whole blog is b/c Jeff was out of town in Vancouver on a preview trip for the Passion Conference we are helping with next month. Also, Emma isn't mentioned b/c she had a bday party to go to, where she got to ride in a LIMO-AT AGE 6!!! and then spent the night at a friend's house--our babies are growing up WAY too fast.

High School Musical on Ice

A couple of weeks ago we got to go to High School Musical on Ice. The kids were SO excited about it and loved every minute.
Emma with her friend from church and school named Emma also
Ty getting into the singing
Troy and Gabriella
Getcha' Head in the Game (Ty's favorite song)

Ty and Emma were both WORN OUT by the end of the night!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ty's First Day of Mother's Day Out!!

Well Ty had his first day of Mother's Day Out today. We got there and he walked straight into his room and started playing with his best buddy from school Jakob. They both went to the workbench and then after a few pics he came and gave me a hug!! He loves "school" and I'm so glad he can go.