Friday, May 21, 2010

busy week for Ty!

Ty had a very busy week this week. He had practice for their school performance, "How to Be a Pirate" 3 days, and a field trip to the ice rink on Tuesday, soccer practice and baseball practice. He absolutely LOVED the ice rink. He and Emma have been asking ever since we moved to go, and we just haven't been able to when they've had open ice time. So Tuesday was the day for Ty (hopefully we will be able to take Emma soon). He did great and had so much fun. He even ended the time with playing "hockey" (no sticks and no pucks) with a friend. Tonight some of the classes performed a small musical. Much to Emma's dismay, her class was not involved, however, she watched Ty proudly 2 times today and even said he was her favorite part :) She has been a very patient sister this week.
Ty playing "hockey"with his friend.
Ty skating.

Ty with 2 of his friends.

Ty after the big performance.