Thursday, July 31, 2008

Corin's Visit

Last week Paige Jenkins and I switched kids for 3 nights. Emma went to go spend some time with Halle and Corin came up here to play with Ty. Needless to say we had a blast, stayed busy and were worn out. After we traded on Wed. we came home, played then went to church where they had a water slide that night. On Thurs. we went to Walmart, a goodbye luncheon for some friends, the DAC to swim indoors, Mrs. Mary's to swim outdoors and then came home to rest. Thurs. night we went to the NEW Target, then to Brusters for icecream. On Friday we went to a sprinkler park and then to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. We let the kids watch a movie and sleep on the couches. It was so much fun and we loved our time with our sweet and always singing friend.

Ty and Corin with their prizes from Chuck E Cheese

How Corin fell asleep on the couches!! Always a pop star!!

Ty and Corin made their own rock band alot of the time she was here

at the Sprinkler Park

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Lake

After going to church in G'dale we headed up to Smith Lake to spend some time with the Pelfrey's, and Cham and Ryan O'Neil were there too. Emma wanted to try out tubing and Ty got to drive the boat. After Emma rode the tube with Cham, Cham and Ryan got on and were doing crazy things that made us laugh. Despite mine and Jeff's dislike of the lake, our kids loved it.

Ty throwing rocks

Cham and Emma getting ready to take off
Ty helping drive
Cham and Ryan- Ryan was getting ready to jump
over Cham.

The Jenkins House

Last weekend Jeff did a wedding in Gardendale for some of our old students. The Jenkins let us stay with them for 3 whole nights, which is a big deal because usually we're only there for 1. We had a blast and enjoyed our short vacation!!

Corin playing dress up

Ty playing outside-as usual

Emma and Halle on the swings

Dressing Alike

Emma has starte a new thing in our house--she loves for us to match. Mimi sent her a new cover-up (supposed to be for next year) and it looked alot like mine. That night Emma said, "can I try on all of my new clothes?" I told her she could and then she said, "ok well I want to end with my cover-up and could you put yours on too! Then we can be twins!!) So she tried on her clothes, ended with her cover-up and I put mine on and we took a picture. I thought it was just with this one thing, but last night at the mall she was trying to find tops they would have in both of her sizes. I am enjoying this new desire she has and I am going to treasure every moment-- because I know it won't last forever.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Summer just isn't complete without a visit from the icecream man. This was the first time (and it might be the last) that we saw and heard our icecream man in our neighborhood. Jeff and Ty were outside playing baseball and came into the house to let us know they heard him in the area. They said they would come back inside if he came down our street. Well sure enough a few minutes later he did, and we were all so excited. Emma got a watermelon popsicle and Ty got a spiderman popsicle.

Our Butterflies

A friend of ours gave us some caterpillars to watch become butterflies. It was so fun to see Emma and Ty get excited as they made their cocoons and then one day we looked in their box and they had become butterflies!!!

In their cup before we let them go into the world

Emma getting ready to let them fly

Butterfly #1

Butterfly #2

Fouth of July Party- #2

We had a great time with our neighbors again this year. Last year we invited some of our closest neighbors over for a cookout and fireworks and everyone wanted to do it again this year. Emma, Ty and some of the neighborhood girls danced to our VBS music showing everyone the moves.

Jeff making our delicious burgers and hotdogs
The kids watching the "snakes"
The big hit this year was the smoke bombs-- however we did find out that the purple ones were colorless
Emma did about 20 sparklers
Ty did his sparkler in the garage

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July- Party numero uno

Our First 4th of July party was at one of the couples house from our church. They had a Sunday School party and invited us. There was supposed to be a huge blow up slide, but the guy they rented it from didn't bring it so after much negotiation he brought a giant slip and slide. The kids were pleased and we all had a great time.

New Family Pics

Our Incredible Photographer Friend, Tandy, came in town with her family to visit her mom and stepdad. They got to be here for almost 2 whole weeks and we loved every minute they were here. One of the days we went to show them downtown Memphis and had a blast. It is incredible how God has given us a "couple" set of friends that even though we don't live close together, every time we see them it seems like we've never been apart. One day it would be so neat if we lived in the same area. These are some of the pics she took while we were downtown.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun with Friends

A couple of weeks ago we decided Emma could have a few friends spend the night (3 to be exact). So on Wednesday night after church they all came over, played, watched Camp Rock, and then after prompting from Jeff fell asleep. They really were all very good and we had a great time.

She FINALLY lost a tooth!!!

Emma has been wanting to lose a tooth SO BAD!!! Finally it happened!!! She was eating a hot dog for lunch and out it popped-- no bleeding or pain. A couple of days later we were eating Taco Bell with some friends and she lost her 2nd one--She is so excited.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Heaths and The Sprinkler Park

Our wonderful friends the Heaths came in town to visit their grandparents and we got to see them too. We met them at the sprinkler park and had such a fun time. It's amazing to Paula and I because Emma used to ALWAYS tattle on Elijah when they were about 2 and we would play in B'ham together, but now they all 4 play so well together and usually end up being some kind of superhero gang. We LOVE when they come to visit.

Emma, Ty, and Elijah going through the rainbow

Elijah and Gabe shooting each other and playing with buckets

Ty being a little grumpy because he was tired and hungry.

The four kiddos stopping long enough to pose!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

End of Swimming Lessons

Emma and Ty with Mrs. Cathy

Emma and Ty with the prizes they chose from Mrs. Cathy's
Treasure Chest.