Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ty Turns 3!!!

Ty had a wonderful birthday weekend. It started on Friday when we let him open all of the family gifts. He loved everything he got and a lot of it helped keep the boys and girls entertained at the party. Sat. we woke up and got ready for the party. Ty wanted a dump truck party so we had cones and caution tape up outside, a dump truck with cake in it, hard hats, tape the dirt to the truck and a bean bag game with a dump truck. Opening presents was a little chaotic, but Ty had a great time. We ended with a pinata outside and let the kids play on our bouncy, swingset and roller coaster. In all it was a wonderful party. On Sunday we let Ty choose where we would eat and he chose, "the McDonalds with the playground" He and Emma had a blast playing and then we all went home to nap. It was a great birthday weekend and I can't believe he's actually 3!!!

Thanksgiving with New Moon

Emma's (aka New Moon) class had an indian Thanksgiving and invited the parents up to see all of their indian outfits. The girls were all decked out with dresses, papooses for their babies (which they all made one). necklaces and headdresses. The boys had on their shirts, with a quiver full of bow and arrows and headdresses. They earned feathers over the week and whoever had the most on Fri. got to be chief. Emma was sick on Fri. so we don't know who the chief was. Mimi and Papa were in for Ty's party and got to experience the whole thing and Mimi even got to read to all of the indians!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

"My" Wedding

Emma and Ty had the fun opportunity of being in some friends wedding this past weekend. They both did a great job and Emma kept asking her friends if they were coming to "my" wedding. I think every wedding she's in she thinks she is the bride!!!