Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disney World Day 2

Ok day 2 started very early because we had a bippity, boppity, boutique appointment at 8am. Dash aka Ty was going to have the cool dude package and Cinderella aka Emma was going to have the big Princess package. With Ty's they put paint in his hair and then sprinkled confetti mickey's in his hair. In the back they painted a mickey head. For Emma's she got to pick out a dress, wand , crown, and shoes. They did her hair, makeup, and nails, plus they had a photo session at the end. It was quite the ROYAL treatment. After that we had breakfast in the castle with Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. We had such a fun time seeing them all. After breakfast we rode rides for a while Emma and Ty got called princess and Dash all day. After the rides, we went back to the hotel to swim, and rest then we returned to the magic kingdom for rides and fireworks. It was a wonderful, tiring day!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Disney World Day 1 Part 2

It will never cease to amaze me how true to character the Disney characters are. Their voices, actions, everything is totally like the cartoon characters.

Emma and Ty with Peter Pan and Wendy

Waiting in line for the Pirates of the Carribean

Getting Hook and Smee's autographs

Ty and PaPa on the Jungle Cruise

Walking back to our home (for the week)

Our Trip to Disney World Day 1

Well you will probably get alot of posts in the next few days b/c it has been awhile since I updated and we have done so much in that time. We had Emma's Kindergarten Luau, went to Disney World, had Emma and Jeff's Tball awards and Emma's last day of school. We had a blast in Disney World and I will try to spread it out day by day. The few pics I put on her don't even compare to how many we took, but I'll try to put my faves.

Emma and Mimi on the bus from the airport to our hotel.

Ty and PaPa on the bus.

Emma and Ty checking out the pool while Dad and PaPa checked in

Ty watching a street show with Woody and Jesse, when we went
to Magic Kingdom our first day

Emma and Ty hugging Woody and Jesse at Magic Kingdom

End of Year Kindergarten Luau

For the end of the year party the Kindergarten has a big Luau day. They play games, relays and have bounce houses/waterslides outside and then we eat lunch in the classroom. All of the students had a wonderful time and the parents enjoyed every minute!!!

Emma on the bouncy ball

Emma throwing rings on the pirate ship

Emma crawling through the tube on the obstacle course

Potato sack part of the obstacle race

Emma all wet from the water slide.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

God's Little Bugs

The kids had their spring musical this past Sunday night and the theme was "I'm God's love bug" They got to wear antenna on their heads and all the songs had to do with bugs. Both Emma and Ty did a great job. I do have to say, we always thought Emma had the loudest vocal cords in the family, however, Ty showed her up as he belted out the words and everyone in the audience got tickled over it.

Fun pics

The kids have been SO FUNNY lately. One day Ty got in the shower (I think to hear himself better) and was singing with Emma's High School Musical Microphone. It was hilarious and he had a wonderful time. The next pic is of Ty and Emma sticking their heads in the filled bathtub with their NEW goggles on. MiMi and PaPa sent them some goggles for Disney World and of course we had to try them out before we go. On a side note, Ty loved his goggles SO MUCH he wore them to Wed. night church on top of his head the first day he got them. Everyone got a real kick out of that.
Last pic is of Ty and his friend Ella Grace, and their little friend Jackson. They were all laying on the floor together being sweet and we had to get the shot!!

Dora and Diego

Ty and I and a little boy I keep on Wednesdays usually go to the Library for story time each week. This past week at the Library to celebrate reading around the world, they had Dora and Diego come in and be a part of the fun. Ty absolutely loves every character that's dressed up so of course he got his pic made with Dora and we tried with Diego, but he was never still enough.


Every year one of the last weekends of April, Southaven has a Springfest where they bring in tons of carnival rides and bands for a weekend. We went for our 3rd year in a row and the kids loved it even more this year than in the past. They got to ride rides and we ate dinner there with the "wonderful" carnival food that they have. Ty's favorite ride before we went was the ferris wheel, but after was the dragon kiddie coaster they went on. Emma's favorite was the swings. They both had a blast and we had fun watching them.