Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 8--Drive through SAFARI!!!!

On Thursday we drove down to Glen Rose TX to Fossil Rim drive through zoo, and the Glen Rose State Park with Grami, Poppy and Grandma. The kids absolutely LOVED it. Ty sat on Jeff's lap and could feed animals on his side, and Emma sat in my lap and did the same. We saw ALL kinds of animals, deer, ostrich, zebra, giraffes, cheetahs, etc. We had lunch there, and then after driving through we headed over to the state park, which has dinosaur fossils. Emma and Ty loved looking at them. While we were at the park Jeff and I took the kids on a short hike and of course they loved climbing up and down the rocks. We drove back to Ft. Worth and let Emma choose where she wanted to eat for her birthday. She chose Chuck E. Cheese :). So we went, ate pizza, and played games. To end our night we went to Braum's (YUMMY)!! We had a full and very fun day!

Ty and Jeff looking at the animals

One walking straight at us:)

They also had a petting zoo there and Emma and Ty brushed the goats.

Ty brushing!

Some of the animals eating the food.

The zebras came so close we could touch them. One even stuck his nose on the window. (we had rolled up the windows for the zebras b/c they were pretty aggressive.


Zebra trying to get in :)


The giraffes would come close too!

Emma feeding the giraffe as it sticks it's head in the window!!

Grandma, Grami, Emma, Poppy, and Ty

Grami, Ty, Emma, Poppy

looking for the dinosaur tracks.


Emma took a pic of Jeff and I on our hike!

At the Glen Rose State Park!

Emma and Ty hiking.

Four generation pose: Grandma, Grami, Jeff, Emma, and Ty :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Evening of Day 7--Grandpa, Grandma,and Papaws

On Wednesday afternoon/night, we went over to Jeff's grandma's house to see his dad, grandma, and papaws. We went and ate bbq with them, got Braums ice cream (YUM!!), and then went back to their house to visit a while. It was great seeing them and we enjoyed visiting with them!

Emma, Grandma, Papaws, Ty

Emma, Grandpa, Ty

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Days 6-7 The GREAT WOLF LODGE!!!

Day 6 started off with Mimi letting Emma and I get our nails done!! We had fun being pampered:). Next we headed off to the Great Wolf Lodge. Emma and Ty absolutely LOVE going here and riding the rides, swimming in the wave pool and playing. Ty is finally tall enough that we don't have to worry about him not being able to ride anything, which is a huge relief!! After we had tons of fun in the water, we went to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate Emma's birthday. We got a brownie volcano for dessert, which was delicious!!! After that we went back to the Lodge and the kids played games in the gameroom. We went to bed and then got up ready to go on Day 7 for some more fun in the water!! It was a fun mini-vacation in the middle of our trip!

Emma and I getting our toes worked on!

Emma getting her fingernails done.

Papa and Emma on a ride.

Jeff and Ty on a ride.

This was one of the things Emma LOVED. She did it over and over!!

PaPa and MiMi!!

Jeff and I

Ty, he still doesn't like to stop and smile for pics most of the time :).

Emma, however, is ready to pose for a pic at any moment!!

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe.

The waiters singing to Emma!! She loved it!!

Emma playing Skee ball!

Ty playing.

Emma petting a "mouse"

Ty poking a bear in the eye :)

One thing Ty and Emma always do is "serve icecream" through these little windows. They love taking our orders and then serving it up!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Break Day 5--Baby William, and date day with PaPa and MiMi

On day 5, Jeff and I drove down to College Station Texas to see one of my best friends from high school, who had just had a baby. While we did the road trip, Emma and Ty went with PaPa and Mimi to Going Bonkers, a super fun play place!! They had fun being with just PaPa and MiMi, without the limitations of mom and dad, and Jeff and I had fun seeing friends we hadn't seen in FOREVER and a PRECIOUS baby!!

Emma and Ty at Going Bonkers

Playing in the play place.

Sweet William, he was absolutely precious!!!!

Me, Ashley and the adorable William!!

Spring Break Day 4!! Fun with Grami, Poppy, Grandma, and their friends!!

On Sunday, our 4th day in TX, we were able to go to one of Jeff's mom's best friends, Janie's house. We got to ride four wheelers, play baseball, and Emma caught 3 fish!!! We had a great bbq lunch and thoroughly enjoyed our time. The only pics I got were of us on our 4wheelers, the rest Grami took, and they are printed and I haven't scanned them. However, we did have a wonderful time, even if there's not as many pics!!

Jeff on the 4wheeler

Emma on the 4wheeler (Emma like these, but really enjoyed Janie's dog, Izzy!!!!)

Ty on the 4wheeler, this was definitely his favorite part:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Break Day 3 SIX FLAGS!!!!

Day 3 was a very exciting day. Not only did the kids get to see their cousins, aunt, and uncle, they got to go to SIX FLAGS!!!!! They were so ready to go ride rides!! We first rode the bobsled, then MiMi (the only one who doesn't get sick on the boat) took all the big kids on the "boat" aka the Conquistador. After that was the first round of the log ride, followed by a second ride where my niece, Jacqueline, rode it for the 1st time(I'm pretty sure it's b/c I asked her to go) :). She is not big on rides so this was a HUGE step for her, and she LOVED it!! During the 2nd log ride in which Auntie Julee, PaPa, Jacqueline, and Ty were riding, Mason, Hayden, Jeff, and Emma rode the Titan (they're the only ones tall enough). After that we were off to the "old timey"cars. We had lunch, rode the mine train, then my mom and I were the best mom and MiMi ever b/c we went on the Aquaman(which gets you TOTALLY wet) with Emma while the boys rode Tony Hawks big spin. We finished Six Flags up with the Judge Roy Scream and the Cave. We went back to MiMi and PaPa's for Pizza Inn pizza (a request by Jeff and me) :). It was a very eventful and VERY fun day!!

Waiting in line at the Judge Roy Scream.

MiMi, Me, and Emma on the Aquaman.

Jeff, Ty, Hayden, and Mason on Tony Hawk's Big Spin.

Ty, Hayden and Jeff on the "old timey" cars.

Emma and Jacqueline making funny faces!!

2 of the prettiest girls I know :)

Hayden, Emma, Mason, Ty, Jeff, and Me waiting for the Judge Roy Scream.

Julee, Jacqueline, PaPa, and Ty on the Log Ride after Jacqueline's FIRST time!!!

Me and my sweet nieces playing while the big kids were on the Log Ride the 1st time.

Emma and Hayden, braving the top row!!

Mason, Ty, and MiMi on the "boat"

PaPa and MiMi with all of their grandkids!!