Monday, June 22, 2009


We have had a lot of "lasts" lately because of moving out of our house. We've had Ty's last tball game, in which the other team did not show up so we just practiced on the field. Ty and Jeff had their last mowing time together, in Vancouver we will be downtown and in an apartment, so no mowing there! And then we also said "goodbye" to our house.
Ty's TBall team THE PIRATES

Ty and his teammates running the bases since the other team was a no show!

Fielding Balls with his team.

Emma saying goodbye to her room.
Our living room the night we all said goodbye.

The Final mowing day.

Mowing for the last time.

Summer Time at the Park

I have been waiting to post because I wanted to post about our trip to TX but I can't get my pics off of snapfish onto here, so I'll have to wait until I can get a dvd copy of them. Anyway, since summer has started life has been CRAZY for us. We got a contract on our house while Jeff was at camp and the kids and I were in TX. We were so excited except it meant we needed to get out by the 15th of June, which at that point was 13days away!!! So we are now in an apartment and have closed on our house!! Yay! Praise God, this was one of the major things that needed to happen before we could move to Vancouver. The pics below are of a rainy day at the park. We had such a great time. We fed the ducks and geese, and then we ate lunch under a pavillion. While we were eating we saw some squirrels digging in the trash can so we decided to put a cheeto out for him. Before we knew it, he had gotten the cheeto and then was nibbling on it. It was SO CUTE!!

Emma and Ty eating lunch

Feeding the geese that had us surrounded :)

Emma placing a cheeto on the sidewalk.

Momma duck and her babies playing in a puddle.

Here is the squirrel nibbling on our cheeto.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emma's End of Year Awards

I must preface this post with an apology. Sorry I have gotten so behind, trying to catch up, so if you love to read about the Phillips' you can get caught up on the 3 following posts!!
Emma had an INCREDIBLE 1st grade year. She had 2 of the best teachers in the school and fun and loving kids in her class. On awards day every kid got several awards and then the lead teacher gave each student their own award, kind of a character award. Emma got the "kindness"award. Mrs. Nance said Emma received this because,"she always could sense when other children were hurting or upset and went to help and love on them." We were SO proud of our little girl. After the awards we had punch, cake, and fruit. It was a really special day.
Emma with Mrs. Nance.
Emma with Mrs. Julie.

Emma receiving her "kindness" award.

Emma with her friend Kennedi Bonds.
Emma receiving another award.
Our cake had their class picture on it.
The Goodies :)

Ty's Last day of Mother's Day Out

Ty had his Mother's Day Out program on his last day of school. He got to sing on the stairs again, which he loves and then he picked Chick-fil-a for lunch. He had such a great year, but he was ready for summer.

Ty singing songs with all of the kids.

Ty with his teachers, Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Rachel.

Emma singing at church

Ty had his turn singing in the service and then it was Emma's turn a couple of weeks later. They did some great songs with some neat things. A couple of songs they sang, one was done with sticks, and one was done with black light while the kids, hats and gloves "glowed" Emma had so much fun and did a great job.
Waiting for the blacklight song.
Singing, "Our God is an Awesome God" Emma and 2 of our neighbors were in this and practiced this and the stick song over and over. Ty would practice with them and I really think he could have filled in if they needed him :)

Singing a song.
Before they started.