Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ty's First Day of Mother's Day Out

I can't believe this is Ty's last year at MDO. It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing him home from the hospital and now he's about to be 5. He is excited about "school" this year and he has started working on writing his letters. His buddies, that's what he likes to call his friends, that he's been with since he was 1 are in his class and he LOVES that. He has the same teacher as Emma did, Mrs. Gina. She is so sweet and loving, but also structured.
Ty getting ready to leave (he's going through a serious/mean picture face phase)
Ty with Jakob, his "best buddy"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun with MiMi and PaPa in My Big Backyard

This and the next post are in such a backwards order, but I didn't really think about the order when I was picking the pics :). Anyway, Labor Day weekend my parents came into town and we had such a great time. I think the most fun had by all was at this new place called, "My Big Backyard" Some friends of ours told us about it and a couple weeks ago, Ty and I went there with one of my friends and her son, we had so much fun, we couldn't wait to bring the whole fam. These first pics, however, are of the great nail job Emma did for MiMi and I.
Emma painted a flower for me.
MiMi's nails.

Walking along one of the trails.
PaPa, Ty, and Emma racing.
Emma and Ty sitting in the "Chrysalis" swing. (For anyone over 10 this is a cocoon :)

Racing down the hill.

Emma hanging clothes at one of the playhouses.
Ty playing on the stage.
Emma and Ty sending dirt up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Pictures of Fun with MiMi and PaPa

Align Center Emma and Ty walking through the creek.
MiMi on the bench that had her name on it.

Emma and Ty playing in the fake rainstorm.
Ty playing in the drum house.
Emma and Ty climbing in the tree.
Emma and Ty walking on the bridge.
Emma and Ty outside of the GIANT birdhouse.
Emma and Ty feeding the HUGE coy fish (I have to say they were a little hungrier when Ty and I came before.

Ty feeding the Coy.

Emma feeding the Coy.