Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Camp Rock 2 PARTY!!!!!

Camp Rock 2 came out the Friday before we started school on Tuesday, so we decided to have a sleepover party to celebrate!! Jeff took Ty out for a boys night so it would just be us girls!! Emma invited 4 friends over and we had pizza, went swimming, and then watched the movie. However, my pvr (that's what they call dvr here in Canada) did not record the whole movie b/c it went past the time frame it said!!!!!! So the girls did not get to see the whole movie, but we made up for it by building a fort in Emma's room out of blankets and chairs. The girls went to sleep great, and then we woke up, had pancakes, painted on canvases and then they went home. We had such a fun night.
Emma decorated to make it look a little like Camp Rock.

We also painted nails!

Emma had her friends sign this flower she made as they came in.

One of the signs Emma made :)

All of the girls!

The Fort!

The girls playing cards in the fort.

Making people out of the balloons.

Ty came home before our friend Madeleine went home, so they were sitting on the couch watching tv together.

Emma after the party!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playland at the PNE

Well on the RAINIEST day of August we went to the Playland at the PNE. This is a fair like place that has rides and shows, and really reminded us alot of a state fair (although not nearly as big as the State Fair of TX). A family that we are friends with invited us to go way back in the school year and this is the day we ended up deciding to go. We thought it would be better to just go and have fun in the rain, and get to ride things over and over b/c there was no lines, than to go on a sunny day and deal with the crowds. The kids were not bothered a bit by the rain and had a great time. We got to ride tons of rides, see 2 shows, pet and feed animals, and build a deeper friendship with a family we met at the school.
Emma and Ty riding a mini coaster.
Not quite like the Dumbo ride at Disney World, but the closest thing we have :)
Ty on the "Dumbo"ride.

This was at the Chinese Acrobat show. This girl was AMAZING. She was doing a handstand on top of about 20 chairs!!! We were nervous for her!!

Emma and Ty feeding a baby calf.

Ty being a Royal Canadian Mountie!

Emma being a RCM!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celebration of Lights

"Celebration of Lights" is something I've mentioned in my other posts from this summer. To catch you up, it is a 2 week, four night event, where 4 different countries compete with fireworks. On one of the nights we met up with the TheRobinson's and TheAllen's. To watch the fireworks together.
The Fireworks.
Emma playing with Sarah's phone.

Carson and Ty pretending to sleep.

Brooklynn LOVED the ice cream!!

Chick-fil-a Trip

Our friends Cassie and Clint, came up to visit us in Vancouver after they had helped with Sports Camp for Tim and Amy TheCommons. When we took them back to Washington, we all met up at Chick-fil-a. This is a major deal, because it is the closest one to Vancouver and it is still about an hour and a half away!! So we let all the kids play together for about an hour on the University Campus where the Chick-fil-a is.


One of the great things we got to do with thecrossings over the summer, and that we will continue forever, is SERVE the community in some way. This SERVE night, and a couple of other SERVE nights we were able to feed the homeless. One of my favorite things about it, is that the kids get SO excited about it and they love to help out!
Jeff cooking the hot dogs.

Emma, Ty, and Carson helping put the hot dogs together.

Friends on the Beach

This summer we met up with friends at the beach one day!! The kids had a blast playing in the sand and ocean (although the ocean was FREEZING!!) It's so fun living close to the beach!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PaPa and MiMi come to Vancouver

PaPa and MiMi came to visit us in Vancouver in July. We had a blast the whole time they were here, and did so many things we hadn't tried yet in Vancouver. They arrived on Tuesday and we took them to eat and then to show them the kids school/playground. Then, the girls went and got our nails done, and the guys went to a putt putt place downtown. I only got one pic of the nail place and it was on my phone and I haven't gotten it off yet :(. That night we went to see "Singin' in the Rain" at an outdoor theatre in Stanley Park. The kids were zoned in the whole time and we all enjoyed seeing the musical in a cool place like the park. On Wednesday we woke up and went to a water park in Cultus B.C. called Cultus Lake. It was a very warm day for the vancouver area (low 80's) so we had a blast, but by the end all of the adults were getting pretty chilly :) The kids could have stayed forever!! We ate at a fish and chips place that night and then rented bikes for my parents and headed to see "Celebration of Lights" at the beach. "Celebration of Lights" is a fireworks show that they have for 4 nights where countries compete against each other. We were able to see USA that night. On Thursday, we went to Granville Island, rode all of the different types of public transportation, saw Gastown, and ended the day riding our bikes around the seawall at Stanley Park!
(and this was supposed to be our "rest"dayhaha) On Friday we went to Lynn Canyon and went on the suspension bridge, then we headed to Shannon Falls (where I realized I had a kidney stone--grrrr!!!!) then went horseback riding, and finally headed up to Whistler to see the Olympic ski jump, biathalon, and bobsleigh. Every minute was filled and we really enjoyed their visit!!!

Ty putt-putting.

Out of order--but a pic of Emma coming down one of the slides at the water park.

About to go in to Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park to see "Singin' in the Rain"
In our seats at the musical

Ty coming down one of the water slides.
USA fireworks.

Emma and MiMi at the fireworks.

PaPa, MiMi, Emma, and Ty at Granville Island.

On one of the ways of transportation--the Aquabus!!

Bike riding on the seawall!

Emma and Ty playing on the "Climbing Tree"

Emma at the beach during our bike ride.

Ty at the beach.

The girls :)

Emma and Ty doing their "sports" poses at the Olympic Torch.
Em- figure skating, Ty-baseball
Ty, Emma, MiMi, and PaPa on the suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon.

On another bridge.

Ty helping clean up at the barn.

MiMi and Emma on their horses.

Daddy and Ty on their horses.
We had other people on our ride with us, but going from the back forward this pic is: Emma, Ty, then Daddy (PaPa, MiMi and I didn't make this pic :)

PaPa practicing the biathalon!

PaPa carrying the Olympic torch!