Monday, August 13, 2007

1st Day of School!!!

Well we have made it to a point in Emma's life where I'd never really thought we would be, SCHOOL. People have continually told me since she was born how the time would fly and these were the best days, when they were at home. Many days I wanted to explain to those people how sometimes one day at the age of 2 or 3 could actually seem like a week!!! But now as I get teary eyed I am realizing just how precious all of that time was. I think about all of the park visits, art projects, dressing up, playing mommy etc. and I realize how wonderful it all was. I keep thinking about how I could have been wiser with my time with her that I had her all to myself! But all I can really do now is learn from it and make the most of every opportunity with both of my children. These pics show you just how excited and ready she really was for school today!! She woke up and was ready to go. We got there a little early so she sat in line in the activity room (carpeted gym) with our neighbor friend Adyn, who is also in her class and then walked her to her class when the bell rang. She has a wonderful teacher who greeted her at the door and made her feel at home and then allowed them to pick a seat and draw a picture of themselves. Dad was teary-eyed before we left the room and I cried in the car, but after that we gathered ourselves and went about our day. It will definitely be a day I never forget!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last Week of FREEDOM

This was our last full week before Emma starts her first year of school and we filled it with fun everyday. Monday we did last minute back to school shoe shopping and got Emma's hair cut. Tuesday we went swimming at our wonderful friend and neighbor, Ms. Mary's pool. Wednesday we had biblestudy and played with friends, then went back to Ms. Mary's pool. Thursday we had lunch with some friends and played at their apartment pool then Emma spent the night with a friend. Friday we ended out the week going to our incredible Children's Museum of Memphis with some friends and then met Emma's sweet Kindergarten teacher that night. I forgot to bring my camera to any of the outings but the CMOM so I'm sorry, but at least there's something. The pictures of CMOM are of Emma being a pilot, Emma, Ty, and Mary Caitlin, dancing on the dress up stage, Ty on a motorcycle, and Emma's favorite place, the child size Kroger, where you get to do everything yourselves!!!!


Well we have finally entered the world of soccer!!! Emma had her first "Orange Team" practice on Thursday night and loved it. At first she was upset because she didn't have pink socks like her friend Adyn, but I reminded her that soccer is not all about how you look, but playing and having fun. She was ok after that and had a great time at practice. Ty wanted to look like the girls, so he got out navy socks and his tennis "soccer" shoes and pulled his socks up to his knees to look like shin pads. He constantly wanted to be out playing with them on the field and much to Emma's dislike he even made it out there while the coach talked to the parents. Emma quickly let me know what he was doing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fun with Friends

This past weekend, our friends, the Jenkins came up from Gardendale for a visit. All four kids have been friends since birth and are more like siblings than friends. We all had a wonderful time playing and baking and just being together.

Best Buddies
All the kids made cupcakes for our neighborhood friends and had a blast sharing them

Ty and Corin singing their hearts out

Halle, Emma, Corin, and Ty ready for bed