Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ty's First Hockey Game

This past Friday night, Jeff and Ty had a great time at the Riverkings game. Jeff works out with the chaplain of the hockey team and he gave Jeff tickets and invited them to come to the biblestudy before the game. They got to meet the players and the coach and the coach even gave Ty his own left handed hockey stick!!!! During the game they sat right behind the players and the players kept talking to them through the glass. Ty had such a good time that he came home and slept with his hockey stick.
Ty with Sheldon the RiverKings mascot.
The team, they were wearing pink b/c it was locks of love night for cancer.
Ty by the ice.

Ty playing in our garage.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

For the past few years on Valentine's Day we have dressed up for dinner, Emma and Ty have decorated the table with homemade projects and we have had a Valentine's dinner together. This year was a little different, we didn't dress up and it was us and our neighbor friends from down the street, Joseph, Liz, Anna Grace (2) and Addison Kate (1). We had such a good time. Emma and Ty decorated, Jeff grilled and Liz brought 2 great dips and chips, plus valentine cupcakes for the kids to decorate. We had such a fun time with them!!Anna Grace and Ty playing the drums!!
Addison Kate eating her cupcake.
Ty, Emma, Anna Grace and Me decorating cupcakes that Liz made, YUMMY!!!
Anna Grace on Emma's computer, So cute!!!!
The placemats and decorations Emma and Ty made.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beautiful Day

Well I am so sad because I did not take any pictures of our wonderful and fun day. It started off with Ty playing basketball--which was great of course! Then Jeff had a meeting at church until 12pm so the kids and I went to a park we hadn't been to before. It was so fun we decided to play for a while, go home make a picnic lunch and take our bikes back to the park to meet daddy for a picnic and bike ride! It was beautiful out and we stayed for about an hour and a half! My only regret is no pics :(