Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ty and Emma received some happy's today in the mail from MiMi and PaPa. This was part of Ty's--Batman wings that pop out (and don't fit through the doorway b/c they're so big) and a batman mask. Ty LOVED it. He was hilarious and wanted to go see himself in the mirror but would get stuck going through the doorways!!! Part of Emma's was some makeup and I got to be the proud recipient of a makeover when she got home from school. Unfortunately we don't have any pics of that yet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Little Gym

Ty had his first day of Little Gym for this fall last Thursday. They learned about handling the ball safely and this Thurs. they'll be starting soccer. Ty told me on Thursday afternoon that he liked to call the little Gym "Practice", I think he's ready for organized sports!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1st day of 1st grade!!!!

Well today was the big FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 1ST GRADE!!!!! When I asked Emma last night if she was nervous about anything, she said getting the answers wrong on the test. I quickly reassured her there would be no tests today and that when she did have tests we would study for them so she would know the information, and that all we ever wanted her to do was her best and if she got some answers wrong, that was ok as long as she did her best. Then I asked her what she was most excited about--she said sitting in her own desk!! This morning Emma did not want to wake up -- but after she did she had waffles for breakfast, sat and watched a little tv, got dressed, brushed her teeth, we did her hair and then the pictures started. She wanted to take one outside to act like she was riding the bus!!! Then after pics we headed off to school, it started raining, actually pouring!!!! By the time we actually got to school (a 5-10 min drive took about 25min!!!) it was just sprinkling. We walked her in, she sat down at her desk and the teacher had them start a picture of themselves exactly how they looked on the first day. We took a couple of pics of her and then we left. She looked so big sitting in her own desk!!! Jeff and I weren't nearly as emotional as last year, but it is sad to see your little one grow up so fast. The time goes by WAY to fast.

Emma with her backpack

Emma "waiting for the bus"-we actually took the minivan!!

Emma at her desk

Emma starting to work on her picture of herself

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Muppets and Disney

On Sunday night I realized my childhood and my kids childhoods were colliding. What I mean by this was the Muppets were on a show with alot of our favorites from the Disney channel. I can remember when I was little sitting and watching the Muppets on Sat. nights. It was so crazy to see them come back to life with our new faves!! Not a big deal to some of you, but me, Jeff and the kids loved it!!!

More Fun in Texas

Well on Saturday morning we went to Mimi and Papa's house. After playing there for a little bit, we got on our swimsuits and went to a new waterpark called Hawaiian Falls. It was 104 degrees outside and we were so glad to be in the water. We all had fun going down the slides and playing in the wave pool. After the water park, we came home, took a nap, and after celebrating Papa's bday with steaks and cake we headed off to Six Flags. This time instead of heading straight to the kiddie rides, we went to BIG RIDES!! (the kids are just getting way too big). We rode rides until the park closed then went home. Sunday morning we went swimming at Mrs. Pat and Mr. Mark's pool next door. We had fun, but Ty kept complaining of being cold so when we got home after seeing how lathargic he was we took his temp:103.4!!! So we gave him motrin and decided Daddy and Emma would go to Great Grandma's party and if Ty was feeling up to it I would take him towards the end of it. So with a 102 (at that point) fever I took him to the last 30 min of the party. We had a fun and eventful time in Texas!! It was a great way to end the summer

Ty coming down the slide

Emma coming down the slide

The cake Emma and Ty decorated for Papa's bday

Emma and Ty riding BY THEMSELVES on the Mini Mine Train
Emma getting dumped by Papa
Ty swimming before it was "too cold"

Jeff, his grandma, and the other grandchildren at the party.

Trip to Texas

This past weekend we went to Texas for Jeff's grandmother's 80th birthday. The first two days we stayed with Grami and Poppy. On Thurs. night when we got there we met them at El Fenix (Jeff's favorite) then went home to play. On Friday we woke up and gave Grami her bday present (a couple weeks early) and then we got to see our friends, Victor, Lyndsey and Carson. They just moved there to go to seminary so it was fun to see them again. They went with us to go swimming. Ty and Emma both jumped off of the diving board and loved it so much that's where we spent the majority of our time. After lunch from Braum's we let the kids play and then put them down for a late nap. An hour and 1/2 later we went to eat at El Rancho Grande and then went to the Cats game. It was an independent baseball league game. The kids had fun and got to spray paint their hair and have sno cones. We had to leave the game before it ended because of the exhausted children!!!

Ty jumping off of the diving board
Emma jumping off the diving board
Carson, playing at the house. Poor thing, Emma
and Ty were in his face the whole time.
Emma and Ty with Great Grandma Probst (not the one turning 80)
Grami and Poppy at the Cats game

Emma and Ty got their hair spray painted and ate blue snocones
so they looked like little blue smurfs!!