Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flying Monkeys and Grandparents Day

Well this year Grandparents day at MDO was quite an event. They changed the day to Tues. instead of Thurs. a couple weeks before and my parents already had their flight for the Wed. of that week. So needless to say, they missed "Grandparents Day" However, Ty's teacher was so sweet to let them come in that Thursday and have their own Grandparents Day. They had a great time eating donuts and being with Ty. Also, MiMi and PaPa had given Emma a gift when she did the Wizard of OZ, so for Ty doing basketball, they brought him a gift: A FLYING MONKEY COSTUME!!!! Ty LOVED the flying monkeys when Em was in the WOZ. He knew all the lines (to the whole show ;) and we would act it out!!! So Ty LOVED his new costume (only negative thing about it is that it sheds EVERYWHERE!!!!!)
Ty with his teachers, Mrs. Gina and Ms. Amber.

Ty with PaPa

MiMi with Ty.


Monday, March 8, 2010

More Basketball, Cheerleading, and Awards

2 Weekends ago we had a very busy weekend. We had grandparents day at Ty's MDO, All Star Sports Awards, and Emma's Birthday Party!! It was a FULL weekend. These are some more pics of basketball and cheerleading as well as the All Star Awards!
Emma cheering.
Ty dribbling down the court.

Ty guarding his man.

Emma's 2 cheer coaches.

Emma getting her award.

Ty getting his award.

Emma standing with her team. (they were all spread out so we couldn't get a "group" photo)

Ty with his best buddy Jakob.

Emma posing before the awards.

More Posing!

Ty was in RARE form before the awards! He actually wanted his pic taken and was doing all sorts of basketball poses!!

One of the many poses (although he looks half asleep :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Emma's 8th Birthday Party!!

One promise we made to Emma when we told her about moving to Vancouver, was that we would have an early birthday party with her friends here. So Emma chose to go back to C.R.O.S.S.F.I.R.E. Commandos this year. Her theme was puppy dogs, so everything from the invites, to the cake were puppy dogs. She had a BLAST and loved every minute of it!!

Emma and Ty with an umbrella Emma received!!
Emma opening a present.

All of her friends singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Ty on the zipline, getting ready to throw his foam block (this was both Emma and Ty's favorite thing)

Emma on the zipline!

Emma blowing out the candles on her cake!
Emma on the bungee trampoline.

Ty jumping into the foam pit.

Emma jumping into the foam pit.

Emma putting her candles on, she wanted to position them perfectly!

Valentine's Day

Every year around Valentine's Day (we like to do it ON Vday, but this year we were out of town) we have a family dinner where the kids decorate the table, sometimes we dress up (this year we didn't) and have a special dinner together (I got this idea from my friend Paige). I saw an idea on Belinda's blog to do a treasure hunt, so I planned that out this year. The kids LOVED it. I hid a clue and piece of candy for both in different places all over the apt. I gave them the first clue and then off they went on their hunt. It ended in the laundry room, where their prizes were. We had a great time, and it was a really special night once again

Opening their treasure.
Reading the clues.

Emma's pic.

Me and my sweet girl

The decorated table

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching UP!!

Just wanted you to know (the few people that read this :) that I am trying to catch up. SOOO, I am doing multiple posts at a time. If you REALLY want to catch up on our lives, scroll down a bit and you can see more posts.

Visit with the Jenkins

God has been so gracious to bless me with "sisters" everywhere we move. In college He gave me Amy, Andrea, and Leigh(who even though we may not talk as often, we're still close). In Birmingham He gave me Paige (and in Southaven He has blessed me with some too!!) Paige and John have moved to GA where John is the pastor of a church now. Even though we will actually be on opposite sides of North America, I know we will remain close, because Paige is that kind of friend, a "sister" friend!! The crazy thing about our families being so close is the closeness of our kids. It's one thing for adults to be able to stay close even though there is distance, but it is amazing the closeness that especially Halle and Emma have. They have been best friends since Halle was 6 months and Emma was born. Ty and Corin are the same way! And now Madde Kate, gets doted on by ALL :) So b/c we are all so close, and their church is partnering with theCrossings, we went to visit them in South Georgia!! We had a blast all weekend. The kids played and played, we had their pictures all made together, we had a wonderful time together!!
Emma and Halle at the park.
Emma and Corin watching tv together.

Ty, Corin, Madde Kate, Emma, and Halle(we can't believe we actually got them all looking at the camera)

Sweet Madde Kate!!!

Emma and Halle

Ty and Corin
The 4 Big Kids

Paige and I.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Day!!!

SNOW DAY!!!! I don't know if there's any kid in the world who doesn't love to hear that they get to miss school for a snow day!!! We have had our fair share of them so far. For the ones we've been in town for, it's hardly snowed or it's been ice!! BUT, we make the most out of it and have a blast!!!
Em and Ty loving every minute!
Emma making a snowball.

Ty throwing a snowball at me!!

Ty down the slide.

Emma down the slide. The time we had the most fun on the slide was when it iced!! It was a blast. Jeff and I even got in on it and we were flying down it--so much FUN!!

Emma's Cheerleading

Emma decided she wanted to cheer this year for basketball. She had so much fun doing it and loved learning the cheers. She was even able to learn a stunt and had a blast performing it. She was very good at learning the cheers and very LOUD when she was cheering the players on!! Emma had fun cheering and was great at it!!

Ty's Basketball

Ty LOVED playing basketball this year. He was very good at listening to his coach (Jeff) and then practicing it and doing it at the game. He is a serious player and gets out there and does the best he can. When Jeff told him to block, he would block. When Jeff told him to pass, he would pass. He made a basket during one of the games this year and was so proud. We were so proud of him and loved watching him every game!!